Introduction to the Examples

This area of the site provides a selection of the examples discussed in Digital Multimedia, 3rd edition, including still image files, time-based media, interactive applications and source code. You will need Flash Player 9 or later to see some of the dynamic examples and the CS3 versions or higher of Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash to work with the PSD, AI and FLA files after downloading them.

We have provided the original vector graphics and bitmapped graphics files for selected examples illustrated in the book (unless they are already available at the archived Digital Media Tools support site, in which case a link is provided), where we felt that it would be useful for students to be able to inspect the original files or try the transformations etc. described in the book for themselves. These files are available for free download, subject to the conditions in "Disclaimer and Your Agreement" below.

Where possible we have embedded the time-based media illustrated in the book on the Web page for the relevant chapter, as still images are not sufficient to illustrate these examples adequately. However, many of these examples are not available for download for copyright reasons.

We have also included working versions of the interactive examples for relevant chapters and have provided source code files for download. Again, when you download these files you are agreeing to the conditions in "Disclaimer and Your Agreement" below.

We have tried to be careful in preparing the downloads, but it is possible that we have made mistakes. If you discover any error, or any download does not work as it should, please let /contact/feedback_form and we will rectify the matter.

We have not provided practical exercises on this site, apart from brief notes on how to use the files available for download in order to explore the issues discussed in the book. An extensive collection of practical exercises in vector graphics (Illustrator), bitmapped graphics (Photoshop), Flash and Dreamweaver can be found throughout our practical companion text Digital Media Tools, 3rd edition, and further exercises together with files for use in practical work are available at the archived Digital Media Tools companion site. Please note that Digital Media Tools, 3rd edition was written around the CS3 versions of the Adobe software. The archived site is not maintained and may include broken links and outdated information.

Disclaimer and Your Agreement

While we have made reasonable efforts to ensure that all our examples work as described, we cannot guarantee that there will not be errors. By downloading any example from this site, or cutting and pasting a code fragment into a file on your computer, you are agreeing that neither the authors nor John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. can be held responsible for any undesirable consequence of installing the examples on a computer system or accessing them over the Internet.

Less formally, you should bear in mind that these examples were devised purely for expository and teaching purposes and are not intended to be of production quality or used on the Web outside of a teaching environment.

By downloading any file provided on this site you are also agreeing to use it only for purposes of private or college-based study. All material provided here is copyright and may not be used for any other purpose without explicit permission.