Lecture Slides Overview

Lecture slides for Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition are available in a range of formats, to download and to view online.

Lecture Slides Online

A slide show of each set of slides is embedded in each page in this section of the site for everyone to view. We do not recommend using these online slide shows in a lecture, as the quality is not good enough for displaying at a large size.

You need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser for this site to play the embedded slides.

Lecture Slides for College Lecturers and Instructors

College lecturers and instructors are invited to download sets of lecture slides for all of the chapters in Digital Multimedia, 3rd Edition to use in their courses.

The lecture slides are available in pre-constructed sets of PowerPoint slides, sets of high-quality PDF slides, and special lecture slides “kits”. Because the PowerPoint and PDF sets are not editable we have also provided kits in the form of zip archives containing all of the Key Points from each chapter in plain text files plus image files of all the figure slides from our own slides sets.

Links to download the slides for the each chapter can be found on corresponding page in this section of the site.